For over half a century we have mechanized agriculture

For over half a century we have been putting technology on the field for your success...

Polaroids company Malavolta

In 1950 Giovanni Malavolta founded the company of the same name, in which about thirty years later began to operate his three children: Francesco, Antonio and Claudio.

Giovanni Malavolta was a pioneer in the field of agricultural mechanization in the sibaritide, starting first with the small mechanization at the time of the small peasant property and then following agriculture evolve.

With the time the company grows and after about 40 years since its birth, is constituted a new company: the Giovanni Malavolta srl, equipped with a modern as spacious and efficient structure able to offer all the services necessary to a Customers more and more attentive and demanding.

The principle that has inspired and characterized the company Malavolta since birth, has always been that of the quality of products and services offered to customers in full compliance with the Rules of enterprise and regulations on the subject, in order to protect the same Customers, our employees and the company.

The choice of commercializing quality products and offering a wide range of services over time was rewarding, although not without difficulty, and allowed to continue investing to improve the company structure over time.

This company is the fruit of the commitment of two generations of entrepreneurs who have believed and continue to believe in the field of agricultural mechanization, chasing with dedication and professionalism the innovations, the becoming of technological tools, the Modernity all, at the service of agriculture.

Specialist and leader in the province of Cosenza in the commercialization of lubricants for agriculture, for heavy traction and industry, from 2000, gradually, and steadily increasing, the company also sells earthmoving machines.

The organization boasts a valuable group of human resources with a average age around forty years that, for over twenty years, working side by side helping the transfer of experience baggage.


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