Used four-furrow Gherardi plow

Used four-furrow piston plow

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Gherardi plow used quadrivomero with pistons.

Used four-furrow Gherardi plow

The used Gherardi plow we are offering is from 1999 and is in good mechanical condition.

Despite being a used one, the Gherardi plow manages to turn the earth over before sowing in an excellent way, and always in an excellent way, crushing the largest clods and arranging the worked land in straight and parallel furrows.

It is therefore deduced that this used plow of the Gherardi brand is a valid help for the operator who uses it. It allows, in fact, to greatly optimize the times and yields of the work performed.
If you are looking for a good used plow at a good price then the Gherardi plow is for you.

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